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Night Report 03: Norman Weber

Wakeful says good bye to 2012

norman_weber_berlinGreat atmosphere and an amazing performance of our dj Guest Norman Weber and our Wakeful residents made the winter warmer than usual on December 9th, the last night of our Wakeful series in 2012.

Great atmosphere to finish Wakeful series on 2012

Wakeful nights came to an end this 2012 with an unforgettable, long and quite intense sunday night with great atmosphere and the usual high quality electronic beats courtesy of Norman Weber (Luna City Express) and our Wakeful resident dj┬┤s freedomB and Bruno Otranto.

One of the hottest nights this winter will have

Sooner that day, Berlin saw the first snowstorm of the year, in few minutes the streets were covered in white and the temperature fell rapidly to make us feel the arrival of the winter; however, later that night we all forgot the cold as our resident djs, Bruno Otranto and freedomB, began warming up the dance floor at Golden Gate Berlin.

An quick but effective set courtesy of Bruno Otranto and freedomB (who played a set of aproximately 1.5 hours each) preheated the dance floor for the main act of the night. At 3am in the morning Norman Weber took control of the decks and didn’t stop throwing great tunes, making an already excitied crowd move their feet to the rythm and groove of the Luna City Express member.

Even when Norman had some trouble connecting flights to arrive to the German Capital (the night before he was playing in Switzerland) he showed from the very beginning a big smile and great attitude (not to speak about his great tunes) to bring the already characteristic Wakeful atmosphere that Monday morning. (Check out our video in Facebook and give us a like to get our updates)

Another Wakeful Monday

5am already and the dancefloor still full, a situation that slowly is becoming a tradition in the Sunday Wakeful nights under the Jannowitzbr├╝cke in Berlin. Unfortunately Norman Weber had to go to rest after a long and dynamic weekend he had; Nevertheless Bruno Otranto and freedomB came back to keep that wakeful feeling with a great B2B and their characteristic deep-tech-house beats that kept us dancing until around 8 am when the place decided was enough for that night-morning.

Wakeful thanks to all the people present that Sunday and a special one to those wakefulers who waited outside the club that monday morning to see if our resident DJs would continue the party somewhere else.

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