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Wakeful for Spanish Fly

Wakeful Music at Spanish Fly Berlin

wakfeul_djs_at_spanish_fly_partyThe last november 24th the spanish community living in Berlin was brought together in “Spanish Fly”, an event made to spend another special night full of friends and quality electronic spanish beats.

Marie Antoinette Club, located behind the BVG offices (Berliner public transport), was the location for this event. The acoustics of the place and its incredible view towards the Spree were the perfect complement for a night in which all people did let go to the rythm of deep-tech-house beats.

As expected the DJs on that night were all spanish nationals who decided some time ago to expand its own sound by moving to this city. First of all were the guys from “Denoise Collective” who developed a tech-house set with african rythm to welcome the audience that was a bit skeptical of the first beats.

It was one o’clock in the morning when the resident DJs of Wakeful nights took control of the party. FreedomB and Bruno Otranto appeared behind the decks with their characteristic deep-house sound that would bring most of the people jump into the dance floor.

The duo in charge of warming up the party would come back couple of hours later but this time with a live act full of tech and progressive beats; the fast pace of this act made more than one pair of shoes burn on the dance floor for around one hour.

Finally the Wakeful duo would came back to bring a more relaxed but meaningful atmosphere to the public that still wanted more music to keep on going. This time we could dance to the rythm of a more disco music in which some techno elements were incorporated in the usual the deep house style of our DJs.

Three more hours would last the final intervention of FreedomB and Bruno Otranto who finished the first edition of Spanish Fly surrounded by applauses and even more musical request from people that didn’t want to leave the place yet.

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