Still feeling awake?

Wakeful presents Ekkohaus

wakeful_ekkohausWe’re moving into the summer months and for this, Wakeful has prepared an event where we can enjoy warm rhythms and an extraordinary sound from an amazing artist that characterizes our celebration and is well known.

Greek born, Berlin based, Kostantinos Tassopoulos, AKA Ekkohaus, has been constantly looking for new grooves and exciting frequencies to play and experiment with. In 2008 Ekkohaus moved to The City, where he is still living and creating music. Also, he has been collaborating with the Moon Harbour booking agency ever since.

This search has led him to a journey beyond borders and cities, beyond languages and symbols. A journey where music and ideas are the only passport needed in order to experience true feelings, unconditional passion and the power of suggestion.

Besides, will be as always our resident DJs, FreedomB & Bruno Otranto, who will bring on our traditional “Wakeful sound” at night, where as always you will be the one who decide the end.

See you on the dance-floor Wakefulers!!

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