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Series WKFUL07: Nicolas Duvoisin

Series WKFUL07: Nicolas Duvoisin

Nicolas Duvoisin and Olivier Kolly, owners of the Plastic Fantastic Records Shop in Geneva. This two guys organize also the Plastic Fantastic Event in Switzerland and they have already played sets in the most famous places in Europe.

They can conciliate minimal groove with the strong taste of techno and housy flavor. In summer 2008 they decided to introduce this collaboration for live show.

Their first track “Justice for another world” (from their live) is released on Ostwind records. They received amazing feedbacks from the best dj’s and producers of the moment, like Dubfire, Martin Eyerer, Someone Else, Martin Landsky and more …

The track Justice For Another world as been on first position on October 2008 on the buzz chart from decks record.

PLASTIC FM work for find finest sound on their studio, stay tunned for hot news soon…


Series WKFUL08: Nicolas Duvoisin (Fantastic Friends) by Wakeful on Mixcloud

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