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World Wide Wakeful 03 Review


world wide wakeful 03Last month we jumped into the world of Live Streaming with Klapture, an initiative that gathers together different music projects around Berlin through live streaming. Direct connection, good music, great vibe, no lines.

This way World Wide Wakeful or WWW was born, a project that aims to offer music lovers around the world the possibility to join our monthly musical ritual, live streaming of electronic sessions up to 6 hours “Made in Berlin”. Each session spotted on a different unique private location around Berlin always counting with the participation of different DJs.

On March the 10th our first live stream session took place, hosted and organize by our Wakeful guys, Bruno Otranto & FreedomB. A b2b session where we could enjoy a well structured live set that started at 4pm and lasted until ten o’clock. Deep house, tech house and some tech bits to finish up were the sounds that we could enjoy during the six hours live-streamed house party evening.

April 28th was the date chosen to give life to the second live streaming session of the season. Different location and different DJs but the same good vibe from our first WWW. In charge of the opening was Samu, one of the invited artists to our “Eastern Festival” at Golden Gate. Samu performed a perfect set, proving why he has been chosen as a bimonthly resident at our Golden Gate Sunday nights. A selected stream of House and Tech-House that brought listeners and dancers into the perfect mood for what it was to follow.

The clock struck six o’clock when guys from Wakeful took control over the DJ table. A four hours long b2b session where we could enjoy a musical selection of deep house with a touch of funky mixed with melodic textures, followed by tech-house softly mixed with classic old school transporting us to the good old times. A perfectly matched stream of sounds by FreedomB & Bruno Otranto that made us vibrate six hours long.

And remember that for those who could not enjoy on real time our live broadcast Dj session, Klapture offers you the chance to revive what happened through Wakeful’s channel on Youtube.

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