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Wakeful meets Magdalena: September

wakeful_magdalena_septemberOne more time in 2013 Wakeful arrives at Magdalena with an awesome line-up for the month of September: Patryk Molinari, Simon T, Leix and of course Bruno otranto&FreedomB

05.09 Wakeful presents:

Patrick Molinari (Exploited)

Bruno Otranto (Wakeful)

FreedomB (Wakeful)





12.09 Wakeful presents:

Simon T (Digital Traffik)

Bruno Otranto (Wakeful)

FreedomB (Wakeful)


19.09 Magdalena presents:

Martin Brooks (Kiddaz)

Nakadia (Jet Records)

Funkbeutel Dj-Team (Magdalena)


26.09 Wakeful presents:

Leix (Novo Music/Dissonant)

Bruno Otranto (Wakeful)

FreedomB (Wakeful)

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