Still feeling awake?


Still feeling awake?

Have you ever had the feeling that your body is completely starving? starving for music and dance…That feeling caused by insomnia that does not allow you to close your eyes even for a bit…


If that feeling runs down your body, no need to worry… now you have a place to take refuge in the company of your family and get away from everything that kept you restless.

Golden Gate is pleased to present Wakeful: Family-atmosphere and quality music mixed giving life to those who refuse to finish the week tucked into a bed. Wakeful brings you sunday grooves with the exact dose of energy to begin the week rather than end it.

Music: The reason of being

If you feel like you haven’t had enough weekend, if your are laying on bed listening music and your feet just don’t stop moving, its the music telling your body: you are not done yet!

Wakeful is all about music, the one that creates an almost family-atmosphere with its grooves and deep sound, perfect to finish the weekend but also to start the week with the energy its techno beats throw into the dancefloor.


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