Wakeful Showcase@R19

For November 23rd, Wakeful will prepare an event “Made in Wakeful”. Together we will lengthen the Saturday until… who knows?

Wakeful meets Magdalena: October

Wakeful loves Magdalena and all the dancers joining us every month. This month: Carlos Magno, Alexis Cabrera, David Faust, Andy Weisbrod, Antonio del Prete, FreedomB, Bruno Otranto and our new resident dj Samu.

World Wide Wakeful 03 Review

Last month we jumped into the world of Live Streaming with Klapture, an initiative that gathers together different music projects around Berlin through live streaming. Direct connection, good music, great vibe, no lines.

Bruno Otranto @ Ibiza Sonica

Wakeful sound coming this time from the radio in The Island of Pleasures, Ibiza Sonica recently played in the radio a perfect set “made in Otranto“.